Wireless Multi-Sensor



Introducing the Wireless Multi-Sensor (WMS) device from LPRS Connected Solutions.  Capable of reading 1,2,3 or 4 sensor probes simultaneously, the WMS processes and stores sensor readings and wirelessly transmits at fixed time-slot intervals to a receiving gateway.

Multiple probes can be interfaced to, including any 10K Thermistor, RS485, RS232, Modbus RTU or 4-20mA.

Using a multitude of robust industrial wireless technologies and protocols, the WMS offers typically 3-5 years battery life without having to change or charge a battery.  The WMS deliver’s 8km of wireless transmission range, excelling in industrial & harsh environments where other wireless devices struggle to operate.

The WMS’s enclosure is IP rated and fitted with top and bottom flanges for ease of mounting.


Example Applications

Industrial Automation



Facilities Management