LPRS Connected Solution’s design and manufacture wireless sensor monitoring devices.  All devices are designed to be robust utilising IP rated enclosures, offer long range wireless transmission of up-to 8km’s, battery powered for long term deployments of 3-5 years, and allow customers to monitoring almost any sensor type including 10K thermistor, RS485, RS232, Modbus RTU and more .

Our aim is to offer customers a one stop sensor solution removing the overhead of learning about new technologies and systems such as IOT / M2M / big data.

Wireless technology variants include:     * LPRS LoRa     * LoRaWAN     *Sigfox     *IQRF Mesh    *Cellular

                Wireless Multi-Sensor                  Multi-Sensor Probes                Modbus RTU RS485 Gateway           USB, WiFi & Cellular Gateways
Wireless battery powered Multi-Sensor for remote monitoring of up-to 4 sensor probes.

Available with LPRS LoRa, LoRaWAN, Sigfox or IQRF Mesh.

Sensor probes for use with Wireless Multi-Sensors.

Probes available in either single or double configuration. 

Collects Multi-Sensor readings & retains ready for collection by a PLC or HMI.

Up-to 64 Multi-Sensors per Gateway.

Our Gateways collect data from Multi-Sensors and forward to your system.

Variants including USB, WiFi an Cellular.

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Example Applications

Water pipe temperature sensing for Legionella monitoring | Fridge / Freezer temperature sensing | Industrial Sensing | Agricultural Sensing | Building Maintenance | Facilities Management | Industrial Automation | HVAC | Security | Industrial Meter Reading