LPRS Connected Solutions design and manufacture wireless sensor monitoring devices.  All devices are designed to be robust utilising IP rated enclosures, offer long range wireless transmission of up to 8km, battery powered for long term deployments of 3-5 years, and allow customers to monitoring almost any sensor type including 10K thermistor, RS485, RS232, Modbus RTU or 4-20mA.  Devices are perfect for 1 to 1 device to gateway communications or as a network of multiple sensors.

Our aim is to offer customers a one stop sensor solution removing the overhead of learning about new technologies and systems such as IoT / M2M / big data.

Wireless technology variants include:     * LPRS LoRa     * LoRaWAN     *Sigfox     *IQRF Mesh    *Cellular

                Wireless Multi-Sensor                  Multi-Sensor Probes                Modbus RTU RS485 Gateway           USB, WiFi & Cellular Gateways
Wireless battery powered Multi-Sensor for remote monitoring of up-to 4 sensor probes.

Available with LPRS LoRa, LoRaWAN, Sigfox or IQRF Mesh.

Sensor probes for use with Wireless Multi-Sensors.

Probes available in either single or double configuration.


Collects Multi-Sensor readings & retains ready for collection by a PLC or HMI.

Up-to 64 Multi-Sensors per Gateway.

Our Gateways collect data from Multi-Sensors and forward to your system.

Variants including USB, WiFi and Cellular.

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Example Applications

Industrial Automation



Facilities Management

Water pipe temperature sensing for Legionella monitoring | Fridge / Freezer temperature sensing | Industrial Sensing | Agricultural Sensing | Building Maintenance | Facilities Management | Industrial Automation | HVAC | Security | Industrial Meter Reading