LPRS Connected Solution’s wireless monitoring service comprises a robust wireless modem for the remote sensing of almost any analog sensor input.

The service utilizes a battery powered, IP55 rated wireless (Sigfox or LoRaWAN variants) sensor device, fully featured and customizable web-based back office system (LPRS Connected System) and all of the required communication infrastructure for connecting to the cloud.

Our aim is to offer customers a one stop shop solution removing the overhead of learning about new technologies and systems such as IOT / M2M / big data.

  • Wireless Sensor Monitoring
  • Battery Powered
  • Sigfox / LoRaWAN / Cellular options
  • End-to-End System: Hardware / Connectivity / Cloud included
  • OEM / Partner focused
  • Cap-ex or Op-ex billing options

As with all elements of the LPRS Connected Service – everything is fully configurable and easy to use, making adding a cloud based SaaS proposition easy for customers to achieve.

LPRS CS Temp sensor LPRS CS Wireless LoRa Temperature Sensor

433MHz/868MHz/915MHz LoRaWAN wireless temperature sensor for remote monitoring of any temperature specific application.

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LPRS CS Temp sensor LPRS CS Wireless Sigfox Temperature Sensor

868MHz / 902MHz Sigfox wireless temperature sensor for remote monitoring of any temperature specific application.


Product Brief



 RS485 Version LPRS CS Wireless LoRa RS485 Modem

433MHz/868MHz/915MHz LoRaWAN wireless RS485 modem for remote monitoring of any RS485 sensor application.

 Coming Soon, Contact for information
 RS485 Version LPRS CS Wireless Sigfox RS485 Modem

868MHz/902MHz Sigfox wireless RS485 modem for remote monitoring of any RS485 sensor application.

 Coming Soon, Contact for information


The device can accept up-to 4 analog inputs from our range of analog sensors.  This currently includes Temperature and Humidity although any analog sensor can be interfaced to, just let us know what you need.

We currently offer 2 options for wireless communication – Sigfox or LoRaWAN.  Whichever option is used the device transmits (at a customer set time period or profile) its data to the LPRS Connected System where customers can view their “fleet” of deployed devices in real time.

The easy to use Dashboard (example Fig1.) focuses on advising users of the exceptions or alerts with their devices, easily highlighting when something needs attention (i.e. temperature too high or too low).

The web-based system (accessible from all major web browsers) allows users to simply configure their own rules and alerts, assign and manage user rights, and analyse in depth information about deployed devices.

The system displays information in a very user friendly manner, with graphs and other graphical representations of the data automatically employed to make viewing the information much easier than just looking at raw data.

Example Applications

  • Water pipe temperature sensing for Legionella monitoring.
  • Fridge / Freezer temperature sensing.