Modbus RTU RS485 Gateway






Introducing the Modbus RTU RS485 Gateway from LPRS Connected Solutions.  Designed specifically to operate in tandem with LPRS CS’s Wireless Multi-Sensor devices, this gateway acts as a data concentrator and bridge between customers PLC/HMI/RS485 infrastructure and Wireless Multi-Sensors.

Capable of receiving data from up-to 64 wireless devices, each fitted with up-to 4 sensor probes, this device enables existing infrastructure to recieve data wirelessly without the need for any other specialist equipment or install.

The gateway collects data locally, stores and responds to requests for data from PLC/HMI/RS485 systems.

Almost any probe can be interfaced to including any RS485, RS232, Modbus RTU, 4-20mA or 10K Thermistor.


Example Applications

Industrial Automation



Facilities Management