LPRS Connected Solutions Back Office System

Cloud Back Office System

Introducing LPRS Connected Solution’s Cloud based back office (CBOS) system for quick and easy sensing of industrial applications.

CBOS is a scalable & robust system for monitoring an infinite number of wireless IoT / M2M devices. Encompassing a simple to use web-based management platform which visualises in real-time devices using any web-browser.

CBOS facilitates users to view trends with their data, alarms, reporting and automation of products & services.

With a low cost of entry & low cost monthly subscription per data source, CBOS is offered to customers as a brand able service.


Using CBOS in conjunction with IoT devices, can lead to improved business outcomes, generation of new revenue streams & higher customer satisfaction levels.


System Overview


Monitor Remote Assets


  •  Easy to view all assets in on place
  • Real-time live reporting
  • Secure web-browser access
  • For use with any of LPRS CS’s sensor hardware
  • White Label


Cloud Based


  • Hierarchal login’s for flexible customer use
  • Easy-to-use reporting system
  • User configurable alerting engine
  • Secure & Scalable




  • Customizable look and feel, specific to customer needs
  • Quick & easy to Proof of Concept stage
  • Scalable to millions of devices
  • Reduces costs and Improves efficiency